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2012 Sign Ups - CLOSED!

Please fill out and comment with the following to sign ups for the 2012 round of The Vampire Diaries Holidays. You will receive your assignment on October 29th. HERE is a list of fanfiction kinks and tropes (I used google to find it), work it however you want, this is just to give you an idea of what that portion means. ABOUT YOU LJ Username: Email: Are you over 18: Author, Artist, or both? FOR THE GIFT YOU RECEIVE Fic, Art, or either: If art, specifically what kind? Favorite Characters: Favorite Pairings: Highest Rating you want to receive: Favorite kinks/fic tropes: Kinks/Tropes you DON'T want: Characters/Pairings you DON'T want: Prompt 1 Prompt 2 Prompt 3 FOR THE GIFT YOU MAKE If doing art what medium do you work in: Favorite Characters: Favorite Pairings: Highest rating you will write: Favorite kinks/tropes to write: Kinks/Tropes you WILL NOT write: Characters/Pairings you WILL NOT write: If you have time are you willing to pinch hit? Grab the coding and fill it out: SIGN UPS ARE SCREENED.
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